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Decent afternoon tea at the now closed House.

It was my birthday this week, and one of my gifts was aftfernoon tea at Close House, which is somewhere we’d never been before, so it was great to go and check it out.

I got the “Gentleman’s Tea” (obviously), which swapped out the traditional cucumber etc. finger sandwiches for some beef, pickle and hot mustard, and ham and pease pudding on brown bread, two of my favourites. We also had Singin’ Hinnies in place of scones (still with traditional clotted cream and jam), and a selection of cakes, the best of which was a Newcastle Brown Ale trifle, which had a strong classically hoppy dog taste, with a lovely cream topping it. Superb. Couple of pots of strong Rington’s tea and a mid afternoon snooze later, and it’s Happy Birthday to me. Cheers!

The view out onto the golf course isn’t too bad either! Will have to pop in for a round as an excuse to have some more of that trifle…

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