One of the many interesting features of this weekends Bridges Festival was the “7 Bridges Pop-up Restaurant” on Sunday at Baltic Square. Billed as “an unusual restaurant that ebbs and flows with the strong river tides” I had to check it out!

There was a small queue at the mini-restaurant on Baltic Square, but I’m sure it would have been a lot busier if they had mentioned the kitchen was bring run by (the fabulous) The Feathers Inn!

After an amusing introduction with a faux-drink drunk straight from the Tyne – Fentimans ginger beer and dandelion and burdock (brilliant idea/combination), we were told by our hostess that the theme behind the experience was that of upstream/downstream from Newcastle.

Our first host represented the upstream – ingredients from everywhere west of Newcastle – bites of salmon, roe deer and vegetable pasty and a local doughnut with gooseberry sauce. Delicious and local – served in little “boats” that we sent down the Tyne map overlaid on the table.

After ten minutes or so, we have downstream ingredients introduced by Lord Collingwoodcaramelised onion sausage, Asian fishcakes, and a personal favourite, Workie Ticket chilli chocolate brownies – probably the best brownie I’ve ever had, gooey and wet inside, rich, chewy and chocolatey on top.

The Feathers Inn didn’t even charge for this – only requesting a small cover charge. If anyone hasn’t been to The Feathers – I’d strongly recommend it (full review to follow). Definitely hope to see more events like this at next year’s event!

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