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Hotel Chocolat were nice enough to send us some treats from their christmas line.

Here’s what we thought!

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Mulled Wine Cherries (£8.50)

“Succulent cherries soaked in fortified wine spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves, then enrobed in thick dark chocolate.”

Following on from their line of fruity bits soaked in various chocolatey goodness, the seasonal version is cherries soaked in christmas-style mulled wine. If you’ve had the kirsch cherries or rum sultanas you’ll know what to expect – only more christmassy! A sniff of the soft cherries gives away how much of the lovely warming spiced red wine these have been soaked in (hint – a lot). They are then dipped in 40% then again in 60% (my favourite HC blend), making a crunchy outer shell hiding a chewy cherry inside – very rich but moreish as well. It’s hard to sit here typing this out without scoffing a handful.

Santa’s Secret Pick Me Up Gift Bag (£10)

“Beautiful little fabric gift bags finished with thick golden ribbon and filled with Christmas specialities for surprise treats or goody bags for your guests or work colleagues!”

As the description suggests – this would make an ideal little gift for someone. The bag is cute enough, and comes filled with three chocolate varieties:

  • Mini wreath (£6.50). This is awesome. A chunky ring of 40% and 70% chocolate, with little nuggets of caramelised hazelnuts, cranberries and cookie pieces stirred in to give a lovely chewy bite. There is also a super sized version of this (£19) that would take at least a week to get through!
  • 70% chocolate snowman. Hotel Chocolat’s trademark 70% for the real chocolate lover out there.
  • Two milk truffle stars. A suprising little bonus – these are super creamy little bite sized truffles. More please!

If you’re in the gift buying mood – buy us another Santa’s Secret Pick Me Up; we love it.

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All available in-store or online at throughout xmas.

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