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A quick peep at some of the food I consumed during this year’s (excellent but very rainy) EAT NewcastleGateshead!

Café 21 fried onion and cheddar cheese raclette. 

Great, I’d love one of these for lunch every day. 8/10

The Feathers Inn Bramley Apple & Cinnamon Crumble, Vanilla Custard

Amazing. Can’t wait for a trip to the Feathers Inn to check out their full menu soon. We also did a black pudding sausage roll with apple sauce (not pictured, eaten too quickly!) which was also fab. 9/10

Café 21 Cookery School @ Fenwicks. Cherry & Kirsch Ragout with Honey Madeleine, Vanilla Yoghurt 

I’m going to give this 10/10 seeing as I made it myself! A fun hour had baking it in a makeshift kitchen in Fenwick’s with Terry Laybourne and pastry chef Claire Armstrong though.

Café 21 Ham & Pease Pudding Stottie

Great version of the North East classic. crispy chewy bread, salty ham and stodgy pease pudding. Filling! 8/10

Davenports Hot Chocolate.

Milk and chocolate blended to rich, silky perfection. The best hot chocolate I’ve ever had. 10/10

The Brownie Bar Nutella Brownie

Chocolate Festival by the library had so many to choose from, but I’d heard good things about these. Nutella taste was subtle but there, but otherwise a textbook brownie, soft and yielding in the middle with a slightly chewy crust. 8/10

Café 21 Lemon Meringue Tart. FREE!

The ladies on the Café 21 stall were kind enough to include this for free for me, so it gets 10/10 without saying. The crust and meringue had gone a bit soggy by the time I got it home so not really a fair opinion to give on this one.

Café 21 Rhubarb Crumble / Apple Cheesecake

Similar in execution, amazing little tartlets with crumbly tops. Fillings were out of this world, sweet tinged with sour cream cheese, amazing vanilla custard, and rich fruit oozing out. Definitely recommend these 10/10

Café 21 Caremelised Onion Ciabatta

A little loaf all to myself. Sweet reduced caramelised onions on top (not inside, sadly) spongy ciabatta. Added EVO and balsamic vinegar for essential dipping, as it was sadly a touch dry. 6/10

Dressed Crab & Tabasco Sauce

If anyone can recall the fishmonger/butcher nearest to the Monument, please point me in the right direction. Fresh and salty white and dark meat with crab claws in the shell made a tasty lunch. 7/10

Café 21 Quiche Lorraine

Fantastic quiche, gooey eggs and salty bacon. A little light on the cheese for my tastes, but great all the same. 8/10

See you next year for twice as much food!

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