Burgers At Jam Jar, Jesmond

Burgers at Jam Jar, Jesmond

  • May 14, 2014

You can see the thinking behind burger night at Jam Jar – 2 burgers & fries for £14 guarantees that every Tuesday night, the place is going to be rammed – yes, with students. Osborne Road, though it continually tries, has never been the epicentre of Newcastle’s culinary scene – is this new bar with tables any different?

Fratello’s Jesmond Review

  • October 22, 2012

Newcastle is jam packed with Italian restaurants, and most of them are pretty uninspring. The sheer volume does mean that you have a full range of choice though, with your pricey-but-quality Caffè Vivos at the top, through your great-business-lunch Marco Polos, and, making up the majority – the imaginatively named 395 Pizzerias and crap like that.

Marketing themselves way above the Godfathers and Francescas of the world, Fratello’s Jesmond (NE2 1PR) is the newest in the family of three restaurants dotted around the region calling itself “authentic Italian with a modern twist”. Saying that, we used a tastecard for 50% off food, and it’d be surprising if anyone actually paid list price for anything on the menu – Fratello’s accepts vouchers galore.

fratello's jesmond pizza (flickr)

Fisherman’s Lodge Afternoon Tea

  • July 2, 2012

**UPDATE – Fisherman’s Lodge closed not long after and has not reopened**

Oh dear…

We are big advocates for the abandonment of Tripadvisor – in fact that’s why we started Newcastle Eats in the first place. If more people would look up some decent reviews of a place before going, rather than a quick browse on TA, we’d be happy. But sometimes you can’t ignore it – especially with classic management replies like this:

“your ingratitude…demonstrates typical bad manners of some people in this region”.

“your(sic) obviously another Egon Ronay – which seeing as he has gone is good to hear”

“we could not put (fish) on the menu for anything less than £30-£40 a dish”.

“i was told (my car) would be clamped…the manager threatened to set his german shepard(sic) on me”.

Spring Graze 2012, Jesmond

  • May 1, 2012

In a series of upcoming posts, we have a look at some of the bigger foodie events on the calendar over this spring and beyond.

Starting off with Spring Graze – the seasonal followup from last year’s Autumn Graze; which some of you may remember – we enjoyed!

Organised by passionate NE cook and foodie Anna Hedworth (AKA The Grazer) – the event will no doubt be doused in bank holiday rain – so same handy location, and some familiar favourites: The Broad Chare, The Feathers Inn, and Corn Again, but this time round tasty treats from new exhibitors like The Meat Merchant, Italian staple Marco Polo, and Soupie Face to name but a few.

flickr link

Review of Jesmond Dene House Hotel, Jesmond

  • February 1, 2012

Newcastle’s Finest?

We stayed at Newcastle’s premiere hotel last week (NE2 2EY), and prior to crashing out in one of the gorgeous rooms (about the prettiest we’ve seen), we had to indulge in the city’s highest scoring restaurant in this year’s Good Food Guide.

Of course the old grade II mansion’s surroundings are undeniably beautiful, and upon arrival there is a lovely lounge to have a pre-meal drink in (sit by the fireplace). Drinks come with nibbles of marinated olives, pickled garlic, Tyrell’s crisps, and cornichons. We are always so appreciative of things like this – it doesn’t cost the restaurant a lot but is such a nice touch that helps set apart the good from the great.

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Review of David Kennedy’s Food Social

  • November 7, 2011

Since becoming “David Kennedy’s Food Social”, the former Black Door Brasserie (NE2 1AN) has shifted focus from fine dining to a simpler notion of “beautiful, locally-sourced food presented to it’s best advantage”. To further cement this notion, some daily specials are available, such as a £9.95 Tuesday steak night and a vegetarian special on Wednesdays. We headed along on a Friday night to try out the “two fish and chips and a bottle of wine for £20” deal. Since the change…

Autumn Graze Food Market, Jesmond

  • October 3, 2011

We had a early Sunday morning visit to the free Autumn Graze market this weekend, arranged by The Grazer, Anna Hedworth in Jesmond.  Amongst the exhibitors were old favourites The Broad Chare, Hotel du Vin, and many other producers such as The Teashed, Olive Tree Charcuterie and more. We went in feeling hungry and did not come out disappointed! We made a bee-line for Gosforth’s Deli Fina, which was serving food from The Feathers Inn - lo and behold, they…

Autumn Graze Market, Jesmond

  • September 25, 2011

Next Sunday, 2nd October Jesmond is hosting an autumn market with some great producers, foodies and restaurants including Carruthers & Kent, The Broad Chare, and Dough Works - we will be coming along so be sure to say Hi (if we’re not too busy eating all your lovely food)!

Review of As You Like It, Jesmond

  • July 18, 2011

“Jesmond” location inflates prices.

Having been to trendy As You Like It (NE2 1DB) on many (drunken) occasions, we had never ventured to the upstairs restaurant – something that changed recently given a recent Groupon voucher.


Review of La Gabbia, Newcastle

  • April 21, 2011

La Gabbia is now CLOSED – will get a post on replacement, Ernest, ASAP

Hidden gem

We visited La Gabbia (NE2 1AP) after getting a recent voucher on Groupon, which I can only hope has boosted this restaurants profile – it’s location is a little out of the way but charming nonetheless.