A cold and miserable Saturday led an unexpected treat in the form of a quick lunch from Deli Fina, the foodie side of Carruthers and Kent in Gosforth (NE2 4AY).

Didn’t get a chance to sample any wines this time – had an empty belly, so focussing on my first visit to Deli Fina – a small but lovely selection of local produce, home cooked goodies, and even a treat from our favourite pub…

Couldn’t resist trying this Salmon, dill and saffron soup (£2.20) – on a cold day, this is exactly what you need. Salmon and dill together is a tried and tested winner, and the broth/soup was full of lovely comforting potatoes and vegetables – topped with creme fraiche and some fresh dill – this was delicious, gone in literally two minutes. Comes with a garlic rubbed ciabatta too!

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Amongst the many local producers on display was a treat from Corn Again garlic and herb popcorn (£2.50) – been waiting to try this for ages since seeing it advertised on Twitter recently, and it did not disappoint. I saw somewhere it was described as “pizza flavoured popcorn” and this isn’t far off. Still sweet and sugar coated, but herby as well. Also comes in sweet cinnamon spice, and chilli and fennel flavours – dying to try these! Again, this 100g bag lasted a worryingly short amount of time, could NOT stop eating it.

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Sweet treats sat atop the counter, and this one couldn’t be passed up. The Feathers Inn brownie (80p!). It’s another entry from our favourites of 2011 – they supply Deli Fina with pies and all types of goodness, as well as this – a textbook brownie square; crispy top, gooey but not mushy centre. Probably the best brownie I’ve eaten this year, and there’s been a few!!

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Get up to Gosforth and check out what these guys have in, seems to change regularly – you won’t be disappointed.

Contact: http://www.deli-fina.com/

Hint: Deliveries from The Feathers Inn every Tues/Thurs!

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