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Updated 1/1/2018 – see the 2018 list here.

With dozens and dozens of restaurants opening in Newcastle in 2016, 2017 has got some way to go before topping that! Some might say Newcastle is saturated with restaurants, but more competition can’t be a bad thing. Here’s what’s coming soon, and what’s opened recently. Some of these new restaurants could really benefit from restaurant music systems to improve their atmosphere, but each to their own.


The Patricia, Jesmond (actually opened 2016)

“A neighbourhood restaurant” from well-versed chef Nick Grieves with a cracking menu. I love it – full review.

The Shilling, Quayside (Actually opened late 2016) [CLOSED]

Home of the old Rumpolis finally gets a new tenant, and it’s a good one. Tim Ward of Popolo/Alvinos and more sets up a cocktail bar/nose to tail dining experience. Definitely one to watch when it opens. UPDATE: Briefly re-branded as Victoria Shilling, but I think the owners have already parted ways, and looks to be already closed.

Northern Juice Co., High Bridge (actually Dec-16)

Juices, smoothies and healthy drinks all round from this small unit on High Bridge which joins indie Laneway & Co. Was “an experiment” and has now closed, looking for bigger premises.

Quiznos, NE1 (opened late Dec 2016) [CLOSED]

They’re having another pop at Newcastle. Good luck. TIP: It’s just a shit version of Subway. Already closed.

Champion Bottles and Taps, Heaton (Jan 5th)

New tap room/bottle shop to service Heaton and beyond. Serving a fine selection of great beers, ciders, and wine.

Little Italy, Grainger Market (January)

Extended version of Pizza by the Slice selling pasta, panini, and Italian antipasti opened in January in the Grainger Market (formerly Greggs’ unit)

Darcy’s Grilled Cheese, and CurryRolls, Central Station, (January)

These two are popups of existing street food vendors in the exterior concourse of Central Station. It’s an interesting space, so watch out and see who else pops up there. CurryRolls have already bailed, but can be found just about everywhere on the street food circuit.

Urban Grill Shack, Grainger Market (January)

I think this is a spin-off from Sloppy Joes – selling cheap burgers and hot dogs. Hmm.

chuchos tacos byker meat

Tacos selection from Chucho’s

Chuchos Tacos, Shields Road, Byker (February)

Another street food venture making the big break into a full-time restaurant. They’re no Barrio Comida, but more taco competition is never a bad thing.

Tapas Revolution, Greys Quarter (Feb 13th)

One of the last ones in Eldon Square is a tapas place that isn’t La Tasca – and it’s actually really decent.

Simply Cheesecake & Friends, Dean Street (Mid-Feb)

Was a crowdfunded take on a cafe/cake shop/whatever they fancy as the Simply Cheesecake lasses open a space on Dean Street to host their cakes, and invite guest street food traders alongside them. Interesting project that fell short and has closed already in July 2017. Already replaced with SAFARI Grill & Cafe – a similar spin-off from the BBQ meat guys – think ostrich, alligator, etc. etc.

The Purple Bear, Chare (March 16th)

Now located in the old Northumberland Arms just off Northumberland Street, it’s a BBQ/bang on trend about five years ago bar/restaurant. Been ongoing for aaaagess, so we’ll see…

The Alchemist, Eldon Square (March 21st)

Top cocktail bar misses the opening of the new Grey’s Quarter and will now be last to open in Spring 2017.

Colonel Porters, Dean Street (April 28th)

Not sure if this is just a rebrand of Canteen & Cocktails, or another attempt at reinvigorating a site which sees many, any places come and go… we will see. Update: Chris Finnigan in the kitchen, so might actually be worth a look.

Billy Bootleggers, Grainger Market (May)

Expansion of the existing No.28 bar to include a speakeasy style cocktail bar – looks and sounds like a decent addition to the cocktail scene.

the patricia pork gnocchi

Brilliant pork shoulder gnocchi at The Patricia

Zucchini Pasta Bar, 55degrees North (May)

Takeaway pasta? Finally! Don’t know too much about these guys but will be all over it when it opens. Update: also class.

YOLO Townhouse, High Bridge (May/June)

YOLO (that name…) moves into the old Capology store offering food and drink. Haven’t been to the Ponteland one, but with this one a little closer, we will see. I didn’t get invited to the #YOLOBLOGGERSNIGHT, which probably says all you need to know.

Kaltur Tapas, High Bridge (June)

Opening in I believe the old END store on High Bridge selling their cured meats, cheese, and other lovely things. UPDATE: It’s class.

Master Seafood, Stowell Street (June)

Someone finally took on the old Laus, dormant since it closed. Looks to be more of the same, with a bakery opening next door.

Vietcafe, Grainger Street (May/June 2017)

Another Vietnamese supermarket with restaurant attached, they’re doing banh mi and some rice & noodle dishes in the old KFC space on the corner of the Big Market. I’ll be checking it out soon for lunch.

Kiln, Stepney Bank (May)

Camber Coffee, Inside Start Fitness (July)

Coffee 32, Acorn Road (May)

Three coffee shops, all with food. One is proper canny – see the full post on Kiln here whereas Camber looks like a proper coffee shop, and the other is…another Jesmond Cafe. They’re ten a penny, so will have to visit to see.


Luscious beef shin ragu from Zucchini Pasta Bar

Boat Noodle, Leazes Lane (May)

With Chili Padi now moved up to Gallowgate, Boat Noodle is more of the same in the old spot. Actually looks alright so I’ll get round to testing both soon.

July and Beyond

Porterhouse / Ko Sai, Fenwick Food Hall (August 2017)

Ko Sai mustn’t have been making the 21 group enough money where Saltwater was, so Ko Sai is now sadly closed, and Porterhouse – a butcher/meat bar will take it’s place, very much in the vein of Saltwater next door. With Chris Eagle also at the helm, one to watch.

Mr. Petit, Old Eldon Square (August 2017) (CLOSED)

In the old Al Buco building – I believe this is Matty Stephenson (of The Shilling)’s new joint. Looks canny.

Dosa Kitchen, (Osborne Road, Jesmond (November)

IT’S BACK! A long awaited full-time home for brilliant Indian food and a great way to end the year – moving into where Longhorns closed earlier this year, and with a new expanded menu, and beers. Hooray!

Beeronomy, Grainger Chambers (2018)

A beer-joint/restaurant collaboration between Mordue Brewery and The Feathers Inn – say no more. ONE TO WATCH.

Absurd Bird, into Grey’s Quarter (Late 2017)

UPDATE: Now canned. Filling the vacant space next to Red’s, Absurd Bird is a Southern USA chain which is at least a little different to what’s gone before.


Pizza Caprese at The Laundrette

Aurora Kitchen, NE4 (October) (CLOSED)

See: The Naked Deli Take 2. “Healthy eating” cafe poised to gobble up all of the student trade just off Gallowgate.

Cumberland Arms/Northern Alchemy extension, Byker (Autumn?)

Large extension of the existing Cumby to accommodate more brewing goodness from the Northern Alchemy guys.

The Launderette, Central Station (Early October) (CLOSED)

Popular Manchester cocktail bar is being put into the new student flats next door to the Union Rooms. Food, not so great.

BURGER., The Gate (September) [CLOSED]

Another burger-only restaurant, opening in The Gate of all places. Comes from two successful restaurants in Scotland, so will have to take a look to see if it can stand up in an overcrowded NCL burger market. Update – closed…


Bacon Cheeseburger at BURGER.

Merchants Cafe, Guildhall (???)

Cafe/cake shop/proper patisserie in the Guildhall. Might turn out to be more of a bar than a cafe…

BBs Coffee & Muffins, Grey’s Quarter (Q3?)

Wondering if intu had an ace Wahaca surprise up their sleeve in the remaining Eldon Square unit? Ha.

Sweet Dreams Dessert Cafe, Near Gallowgate (???)

Yet another “desserts as a main thing” place, following Kaspa’s and Cream’s. I imagine it’ll be more of the same…

Lost & Found, Heaton (June) (CLOSED)

Is the new venture from respected Chinese chef Lulu Chai, famous for her popups a few years back, this looks pretty good.

The French Quarter, Westgate Road Arches (August 3rd)

A French-themed bar/small plates in the Arches. Wine by the litre to take away, and decent French food mean I’ll be heading back for a bit more of a dig around…

Giraffe Lounge, St. James Boulevard (September)

Tim Ward has already moved on from The Shilling (above) and took on the old home of Electric East/The Bottle Shop. Looks to be very similar with beers and bar scran – will see.

The Haymarket, Haymarket (???)

Fusion restaurant across from Haymarket bus station. Work is slow so looks like late 2017/early 2018.


Meats and patatas bravas at Kaltur

Ugot, Grey Street (???)

Popular good-eating cafe have bought the site, and might one day finally do something in the old Ninety-Nine site, but as of May, it still looks empty. UPDATE: I think this has been canned now.

The Charthouse (???)

Not sure what to make of this one, but a Quayside location is always going to draw a lot of attention. Only just got going, so will probably fall into 2018.

Côte, Grey Street (23rd October 2017)

Big high-street chain poised to open in the derelict Barclays Bank just down from the Monument. AKA: Another Wasted Opportunity.

Canaca, Eden Juice Bar, and You Are What You Eat, Grainger Street (Q3)

All vaguely health food related. You Are What You Eat has a great location just off Grainger Street, Eden Juice Bar does what it says on the tin, and Canaca takes on the unit on Saville Row corner. Not tried any of them as a matter of urgency but will get round to it.

The Garage, Stoddart Street (November) is a cafe which looks better than average.

Similarly L’ulivo, Chillingham Road (December) looks mildly better than your usual £3.95/3c Italians.

A Bit on the Side, Side (???)

As predicted, Solano’s didn’t last too long – it’s a terrible location no matter how many goals you scored for Newcastle United. Let’s see what these guys make of it, but I wouldn’t necessarily hold your breath…

Shakshuka at Kiln, Ouseburn

Filmore & Union, Acorn Road, Jesmond (Dec 14th)

Healthy eating but actually really good cafe expands from Central Station to a dedicated unit in Jesmond. Should be heaving.

Selected Others

Colmans Seafood Temple, South Shields (May 26th 2017). Offshoot from the legendary fish and chip shop. More of a ‘proper’ restaurant, and an oyster bar – one to keep an eye on!

Papa Ganoush, Whitley Bay (2018). Street food favourite finally gets a restaurant of their own in the up and coming Whitley Bay. Was due in 2016, delayed but a definite One to Follow.

The Herb Garden Harbour, North Shields Marina (May 2017). North Tyneside-expansion of the popular pizza restaurant The Herb Garden with hydroponics. Opening weirdly, on North Shields Marina, in a completely new build. A North Shields renaissance?

Catch Seafood, Ponteland (May/June). You don’t get much greatness up for the gods in Darras Hall, but this seafood place might be OK. Might be…

The Forge, Washington. Decent looking little restaurant with chef Lee Bennett at the helm – might be worth a trip to Washington for.

Wokify, Four Lane Ends (Q2 2017). From the owner of Meet & Treat, it’s a fast-food take on noodles – remains to be seen if it’ll be good or not.

Mean Eyed Cat, Off Percy Street, NE1 (Late 2017/2018) – New micropub! Opening in a tiny unit, and with not a great deal of information as of yet, but one to watch.


Bacon & maple doughnuts, Mr. Petit

The Restaurant/coffee shop/cake stop at The Sill, Once Brewed, Hadrian’s Wall – bit far out of the way but it’s operate dby the folks over at SIX so might be worth a passing trip.

Junk It Up is a vegan cafe on Shields Road, Byker “set to open in December”. Hmm…

Kith & Kin, Whitley Bay (Q2 2017) is an interesting looking cafe/restaurant. Whitley is getting some decent places at the minute, so it might be worth a follow.

Donerhaus, Sunderland (May 2017). Posh kebabs, in Sunderland. Sceptical, but I want to give it a go.

Newcastle Tap, Central Station (July 2017). NCL version of the ace Tapped – craft beer pub / brewery with hundreds of proper beers. Should be exciting. See also: Centrale: a beer shop actually in Central Station. As if the train-goers needed any more drinking opportunities, but it’s a proper craft shop, so will keep an eye on it. More drinks at Nord (opened 5th August), a bottle shop and beer haven in Whitley Bay of all places. Looks canny.

Errant Brewery Tap, Forth Street Arches (Q3 2017). Popular brewery ‘doing a Box Social’ and moving into the arches. Should be a canny little addition to the NCL drinking run.

The Grind, Grainger Market (Summer 2017). Mega popular since day one, and despite now being called something completely different – they’re taking on a unit in the Grainger Market. Dangerous for the waistline…

Mmm… are moving to a bigger premises on Grainger Street outside of the market – so they can’t complain about opening hours any more ?

La Vi?a are moving back into their old home on Grey Street, was Graze, was Viva Brazil, was La Tasca… ad infinitum…

BARS: The Union Rooms is already back open, still as Union Rooms, with a new owner. Similarly, Long Bar is re-branding to Waiting Rooms (22/04/2017). Station East (Gateshead) opened under the railway bridge and seems to be a proper boozer. Caps Off is a bottle shop in Bishop Auckland that I’ll be checking out when in the area too.

Arch2 Brewpub & Kitchen, Stepney Bank (May 2017)

Home of Newcastle Brewing Ltd. offering a collab with popular Tynemouth brunch spot Dil and The Bear in a definite One to Watch in the up and coming Stepney Bank area. UPDATE: awesome little spot.

The Town Mouse, St. Mary’s Place (Feb 21st)

Micro-pub underneath the shops on St. Mary’s Place. Promising real ale and hopefully along the lines of Box Social / Split Chimp.

Missed your restaurant, or one you’re really looking forward to hearing amore about? Send me a quick message or Tweet and I’ll add it to this list.



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