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Updated 1/1/2019 – See the list of new restaurants in Newcastle in 2019 here.

Though I don’t think there were as many new Newcastle restaurants in 2017 as there were in 2016, we’ll see what this year. These are the restaurants, interesting bars, and any other food & drink places coming shortly, recently opened, or soon to be open in Newcastle (and any interesting ones from the North East in general) in 2018! If you are thinking of opening up a new restaurant then don’t be disheartened by the huge number of new businesses. In order to be successful, you need to make sure you plan everything. Even checking out different companies like Nella Cutlery can help you find the best equipment for your kitchen.

If you aren’t planning on opening a restaurant and are only interested in eating in one, then keep on reading.

As businesses open, I’ll add to this list as I find them, or pass them my way.

Saint Vincent, Broad Chare

21 Hospitality Group have closed Caffe Vivo this year, making way for wine bar/small plates venue, Saint Vincent. It’s great – more on the place soon.

Sweet Dreams Dessert Cafe, Near Gallowgate

Yet another “desserts as a main thing” place, following Kaspa’s and Cream’s. I imagine it’ll be more of the same…

You Are What You Eat, Off Grainger Market/Grainger Street

Actually opened late last year, but has been closed after only a couple of weeks. I doubt it will re-open, after a unpaid rent bill appeared in the window…

route newcastle lamb

Crispy lamb at ROUTE

Filmore & Union, Eldon Square, and others.

The Jesmond branch seems to have been a success, so they’re opening two more to add to the Central Station outlet to make this four of the decent healthy-ish eating venues in town – one of them replacing the underperforming but loved by me Rossopomodoro in John Lewis.

Signor Prosecco, adjoining Sabatinis, Quayside

I think this opened in 2017 but can’t remember, it’s a tapas/small plates bar with all-you-can drink prosecco deals. Looks alright actually, I’m assuming the food comes direct outta the Sabatini kitchen.

Branches, Osborne Road, Jesmond

More accessible location for the popular Ponteland restaurant run by reliable Rob Elat – we’ll be heading along soon and I can’t actually wait.

Forsyth & Reed, Clayton Rd

Another coffee bar which tries to stay around for longer than 12m. To be fair, could be OK based on some of their social media snaps.

Junk It Up, Shields Road

Vegan fast food including fried chicken and burgers ? If I’m brave one day I’ll give it a go.

Route, Side

Follow on restaurant from The Staith House guys. It’s on the Quayside, promises big casual dining, this one might just be great. Update: it’s an absolute blast. The quality of food here is fantastic, some of the finest you will get. You can tell that they use some brilliant equipment like hobart mixer parts to make sure that they are able to deliver a meal they are proud of.

Tomahawk Steakhouse, Quayside

After Jolly Fisherman on the Quay because the latest restaurant that couldn’t make the location work, these guys are going full steakhouse. Sounds alright, but as ever, it’s a troubled site and it’d take something magic to make it happen. We will see.

El Paso, Jesmond (April 1)

A new Mexican-themed one from the Malhotra’s which looks to ride on the popularity of the beloved Barrio Comida. Not usually a fan of food from that group, but will approach with an open mind.

Manjaros, Charlotte Square

Serious attempt at a parmo in Newcastle – will tackle when drunk one time.

The Old Coal Yard, Byker/Ouseburn (October)

Large extension of the existing Cumby to accommodate more brewing goodness from the Northern Alchemy guys. Also features Block & Bottle’s cured meats side-venture Meat Salt Smoke, and other pop-up goodness in the tap room. Looks like a great little space.

trakol barnsley chop

Barnsley chop from Trakol

The Haymarket, Haymarket

Fusion restaurant across from Haymarket bus station. Work is dreadfully slow so looks like 2019/might never happen.

A Bit on the Side, Side

As predicted, Solano’s didn’t last too long – it’s a terrible location no matter how many goals you scored for Newcastle United. Let’s see what these guys make of it, but I wouldn’t necessarily hold your breath…

Antler Newcastle, 55 Degrees North (June 12th))

‘Apres-ski bar’ opening alongside the Fat Buddha space. German/Alpine theme with drinks, and bratwurst. Yet to visit, but does fill a hole in NCL, so we’ll see. Reports are that it’s shocking.

Merchants Cafe, Guildhall

Restaurant opening in prime Quayside location, which might be a bit more bar than restaurant, a la Aveika. Work has been ongoing for aaaages.

Wokify, Four Lane Ends (Q2 2017).

From the owner of Meet & Treat, it’s a fast-food take on noodles – remains to be seen if it’ll be good or not.

Dirt Health, Heaton (March)

Another take on the health eating thing. Same old?

Revolution de Cuba, Cloth Market (July)

Chain restaurant opening off the Big Market – along the lines of Cabana, etc. so not quite got an opinion on this one yet.

Beeronomy, Hood Street

A new venture from Mordue Brewery make this one definitely one to watch. Info is scarce but I’ll update once I know more.

the little fishy lime coriander

Fish & chips at The Little Fishy

NOVA Seafood Grill, High Bridge

Seafood restaurant on High Bridge sounds, and looks good. We visited for restaurant week and promises to do good things.

Taco Bell, Newcastle & Gateshead

Most Northern outlet for the taco chain.

The White Owl, Bigg Market.

Don’t know anything about this but alongside the Bigg Market renovations beginning this year, hopefully there’s a change afoot. From the Uno’s team. It’s in the old The Gentleman gaff.

Stack, Old Odeon Cinema Site (16 August)

After the success of Hadrian’s Tipi, the space has been gobbled up and will be a full-time shipping container home for several vendors, including predictably a lot of street food including: Hungry Vegan, Beacon Burgers, Hatch76, and Eatali – for now with surely more to follow. Also: Manhua Cha (Bubble Tea), Fourteen Drops (wine retailer).Beer Box (guess), Los Cocos Tacos, and the most interesting Sushi Me Rolling (by ex-Peace & Loaf team). Opened 16 August.

The Lock, North Shields

Cafe/brunching type place which took over the custom-built site by Herb Garden Harbour.

Brew by the River Co, Quayside

Wylam chucking some shipping containers down on the Quayside right below the Tyne Bridge. Feat. street food vendors including: Dabbawal, Papa Ganoush, Oktpous, Lola Jeans. I’ll be all owa this when it opens, especially Traköl the main restaurant – an open flame scandi-inspired grill by Tony Renwick.

The Charthouse, Quayside

Not sure what to make of this one, but a Quayside location is always going to draw a lot of attention. Work has again been slow, so will probably fall into later-2018.

kimchi planet newcastle kimbap

BBQ Kimbap at Kimchi Planet

Umai Mi, into Eldon Square

Taking over the now empty Handmade Burger Co. space. Don’t know anything else about these guys.

Infusion, Strawberry Place

Cheap Chinese, possibly made just for the student market around the Gallowgate area.

Spanish City Restaurant Developments, Whitley Bay

Where to start – there’ll be Trenchers, a fish & chip place, Valerie’s tea room, 1901 steak house, a , and probably a few others. Remains to be seen if it’s a waste opportunity, or can turn around the fortunes of the much-loved Whitley Bay attraction. Opened 23 July.

Muddler, Grey Street

Opening in the former Osaka site – not quite sure about any info on this one yet other than the Stack team are busy kitting it out.

Lucia Coffee & Jazz, Grainger Street

Eden Juice Bars didn’t last long – this looks to be a new attempt at that.

Pizza Punks, Grey Street

It’s another ‘one price, unlimited toppings’ pizza places. It’s actually better than all o the others. Replaced the Cafe Rouge unit.

Kaltur #2, Dean Street

Another venue from the Kaltur team – opening a second location close to their small but perfectly formed first one seems like a natural step after also setting up in HWKRMRKT, but will be tough.

Garden House Inn / The Patricia #2, Durham

The old restaurant has been bought out by The Patricia team so is definitely one to follow for next year!


Braised beef cheek, NOVA Seafood Grill

Street food vendors making the jump!

There’s a few that have cut their teeth down at the Quayside/Grainger Market etc. that are not turning their hand to full-time restaurants.

Proven Doughnuts, Hoult’s Yard

Ever popular doughnut seller takes a little unit in NE6, sells out on day one. Opened early August.

Log Fire Pizza – ??

One of my favourite street food places is getting a full restaurant, which is nearly always a Great Thing. Can’t wait to see it open, later this year.

Kimchi Planet, Sandyford (July)

Another street food vendor making the leap to a fully-fledged restaurant. It’s in an odd location, but fair play to them.

Lobo Rojo, North Shields

Street food guys who’ve only just started but are taking over the old Irvins building. Will be checking this one out.

Papa Ganoush, Whitley Bay (Mar 2018)

Street food favourite finally gets a restaurant of their own in the up and coming Whitley Bay. Was due in 2016, delayed a long time but opened this year and it brilliant. Not only that, looks like the guys are opening another meze bar near Armstrong Bridge in Jesmond.

The Little Fishy, Quayside (Jan)

Street food vendor that took over the Riley’s/Barrio Comida space.

Banyan, Monument

Is replacing Jamie’s Italian which is closing.

Bars Worth Mentioning

Platform 2, Tynemouth Station

Le Chien Hirsute, Sunderland – Belgian beer cafe…in Sunderland! A pop-up at the relatively well-reviews Holmeside Coffee.

Beer Street, Railway Arches

Along the lines of the Split Chimp, no bad thing.

The Holy Hobo, Jesmond Place

Replacing Mr. Lynches, this is obviously a bar which happens to do food – don’t know too much else.

Mean Eyed Cat, Off Percy Street, NE1 (Late 2017/2018) – New micropub! Opening in a tiny unit. Good beers, and a funky vibe, with regular guest food vendors. Definitely worth a visit.

Chuck’s Unforgettable Bar, Grainger Street

The Red’s True BBQ unit must have been too big, as they’ve converted it into a sports-bar-ish, with wings and things.

Rayz Backroom Bar, Pilgrim Street

They’ve done out half of Bierrex to accommodate the new Popolo – looks alright.

Brinkburn Street Brewery, The Malings

Really nice brewpub, and kitchen from the Brinkburn guys. Excellent outside area, and food looks alright too! Great addition to the Ouseburn. Opened July/August.

Are you opening a restaurant this year? If I’ve missed yours, please send me a quick message or Tweet and I’ll add it to this page.

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