Fisherman’s Lodge Afternoon Tea

  • July 2, 2012

**UPDATE – Fisherman’s Lodge closed not long after and has not reopened**

Oh dear…

We are big advocates for the abandonment of Tripadvisor – in fact that’s why we started Newcastle Eats in the first place. If more people would look up some decent reviews of a place before going, rather than a quick browse on TA, we’d be happy. But sometimes you can’t ignore it – especially with classic management replies like this:

“your ingratitude…demonstrates typical bad manners of some people in this region”.

“your(sic) obviously another Egon Ronay – which seeing as he has gone is good to hear”

“we could not put (fish) on the menu for anything less than £30-£40 a dish”.

“i was told (my car) would be clamped…the manager threatened to set his german shepard(sic) on me”.

Quay Ingredient, Newcastle

  • June 21, 2012

Canny sandwich shop

Hiding away beneath the Tyne Bridge, just off The Side and across from 21 Queen Street is a new cafe, Quay Ingredient (NE1 3UG) describing itself as “a small coffee house underneath a big bridge”.

Ever in the search for a perfect sandwich in town, we’ve been to QI a few times now – welcomed by an always-cheerful Maggie and having a proper chef at the helm – formerly of Irvins – it’s a canny place to grab a sandwich, proper cup of tea, and relax away an hour. Clean decor, free wi-fi, and some funky furniture make it a quiet spot to escape the hustle.

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Afternoon Tea at SIX

  • June 5, 2012

Brilliant views of afternoon tea over Newcastle.

Going hand in hand with their launch of new venture Garden Kitchen, Fresh Element and the kitchen team at Six at the Baltic have launched a new afternoon tea menu at the Baltic sixth-floor restaurant, which, if you can recall, we were fond of when we visited this time last year.


Review of Garden Kitchen, Newcastle

  • May 22, 2012

Finally, somewhere great for Eldon Garden.

Garden Kitchen (NE1 7RA) is the latest in a series of restaurant/cafes occupying the main space in Eldon Garden which, over the years many have tried, and failed to conquer, including some big hitters such as Popolo, only lasting barely a year over 2010/11.

A new venture from Fresh Element, the same people that brought us SIX, which if you can recall, we liked a lot. Having been open only a few weeks, we were invited to check it out…

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Raval, Gateshead

  • May 17, 2012

2 Hits, 1 Miss

Last week we lucky enough to be invited to the launch of a new menu at “luxury restaurant and bar” just over the Tyne, Raval (NE8 2AT). Only last August we ate at the launch of the same “new platter menu” – so whether this means the new menu has been a bit of a none-starter – you decide.

Tynemouth Food Festival 2012

  • May 8, 2012

Hot on the heels of this year’s massively popular Spring Graze is a new festival for the area not far from Newcastle Eats home, Tynemouth. The little village is busting with some smaller producers and delis but has not seen any foodie specific events for a long time.

The inaugural food festival takes place over this coming weekend 12-13 May and features all the usual festival faces – you’ve guessed it, Spicy Monkey, old favourites New Zealand Pie Company, and Doddington Dairy to name a few, as well as a few smaller (but no less greater!) producers.

tynemouth food festival via flickr

Spring Graze 2012, Jesmond

  • May 1, 2012

In a series of upcoming posts, we have a look at some of the bigger foodie events on the calendar over this spring and beyond.

Starting off with Spring Graze – the seasonal followup from last year’s Autumn Graze; which some of you may remember – we enjoyed!

Organised by passionate NE cook and foodie Anna Hedworth (AKA The Grazer) – the event will no doubt be doused in bank holiday rain – so same handy location, and some familiar favourites: The Broad Chare, The Feathers Inn, and Corn Again, but this time round tasty treats from new exhibitors like The Meat Merchant, Italian staple Marco Polo, and Soupie Face to name but a few.

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Northumberland Cheese Company Tea Room, Blagdon

  • April 13, 2012

Everyone has probably heard of, or seen the Northumberland Cheese Company’s cheese – be it at the Quayside market, on any decently sourced menu throughout the region, or even eaten the raw and delicious product by itself – but who knew they had a teeny shop right at their dairy farm (NE13 6BZ)?

Visitors can arrange a tour of the dairy, though once you’ve seen one vat of milk churning, perhaps you’ve seen them all. Just upstairs, however, hides an almost treehouse-like cafe, where you can buy the cheese direct from the source to take home, in big gift packs, enjoy in a sandwich, or as we have here, melted and drizzled onto everything!


Frankie & Tony’s, Newcastle

  • March 28, 2012

Frankie & Tony’s sandwich shops (NE1 8JN) and (NE1 5XN) have long been a favourite of mine – perfect for when you need a quick, filling and reasonably priced bit to eat.

Their range of sandwiches isn’t going to win any awards for originality, but all the classics are represented, and all come under three quid. Nothing too fancy, no fancy gourmet deli ingredients, just big ol’ honest sandwiches that’ll fill you up better than a couple of Gregg’s pasties – and probably cost less given the the recent budget. If you visit the Ridley Place shop, you’ll notice the queue is always out the door and halfway down the street, always a good sign. It’s usually quieter in the shop just off Charlotte Square, but haven’t noticed a difference in the sandwiches.

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Blackfriars Food & Drink Matching Night

  • March 14, 2012

Last week Blackfriar’s Restaurant (NE1 4XN) was kind enough to invite me to one of their themed events – this time a “Food & Drink Matching” night aimed to help guests discover which combinations work best – and why so. Run by restaurant owner himself, Andy Hook, the format of these evenings is very relaxed and informal, so even those who aren’t experts should feel quite comfortable – though being a dedicated foodie helps – there’s some serious food and wine lovers in the room tonight!

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Lakeland Fudge

  • February 27, 2012

The guys at Lakeland Fudge were nice enough to send us some handmade fudge over from their base in Dalton in Furness after we expressed an interest in their latest creation: CHOCOLATE BACON FUDGE. Here’s the lovely packaging their 4/8 slice selections come in:

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Review of Dabbawal, Newcastle

  • February 6, 2012

Been hearing good things about Dabbawal since it’s opening last year, and what better chance to see what it’s all about than at this year’s first Newcastle Restaurant Week. Two courses for a tenner? Too hard to pass up…

We managed to get the last table on a busy Saturday night after a bit of to-ing and fro-ing with the Indian street food restaurant’s reservation staff – not the best of starts but we managed to get in anyway.


Review of Jesmond Dene House Hotel, Jesmond

  • February 1, 2012

Newcastle’s Finest?

We stayed at Newcastle’s premiere hotel last week (NE2 2EY), and prior to crashing out in one of the gorgeous rooms (about the prettiest we’ve seen), we had to indulge in the city’s highest scoring restaurant in this year’s Good Food Guide.

Of course the old grade II mansion’s surroundings are undeniably beautiful, and upon arrival there is a lovely lounge to have a pre-meal drink in (sit by the fireplace). Drinks come with nibbles of marinated olives, pickled garlic, Tyrell’s crisps, and cornichons. We are always so appreciative of things like this – it doesn’t cost the restaurant a lot but is such a nice touch that helps set apart the good from the great.

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