Curiously devoid of “Flavours”.

Flavours Indian Buffet (NE1 5PY). To keep this short and sweet – don’t waste your money (£7.95 evening buffet) on these flavourless, textureless, bizarrely watery curries. For similar prices you can visit tons of places with 3-5-course menus (The Raj, Rupali, etc.).

It takes something special for me to leave any trace of curry behind on the plate – this happened five times with their five available curries. Gets one point for passable starters and edible poppadums and breads. Pilau rice is not even offered, neither are alcoholic drinks. Hmmm…

Never going to a buffet again – unless someone wants to inform me of where there is a “quality” buffet? Contact us.


All information correct as of 24/07/2011.

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