Boost Newcastle Competition

Boost Newcastle Competition

  • August 9, 2013

We still haven’t managed to get down to Boost yet – it is always rammed on a Saturday afternoon, but they were kind enough to send us over some freebies for you canny lot.

Win 10 free Boost drinks! 

The Teashed

  • January 17, 2013

Dodgy tax avoidance issues aside, coffee continues to take over the UK where Costa alone has over 15,000 units. We remain staunchly British and will rarely cheat on tea with the brown stuff unless it’s for something very nice. Being proper Northern, we’ll leave the coffee to them softies down South…

Luckily we have a bit of a tea heritage in the toon – the famous Ringtons is over 110 years old now, and we have a handful of smaller tea companies, like the great Victory Tea (actually a spin-off of Ringtons), Storm Tea, and now “design-led tea and homeware company, born and brewed in Britain”, TeaShed.

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