Review of Pizza by the Slice, Grainger Market

  • March 2, 2012

**UPDATE: Check out the original owners’ new venture Pizzeria Italia, or where I featured Slice in my “Best Pizza in Newcastle” guide**

As I’m sure you know, we love our pizza here. Somewhere on Twitter recently we heard about a small vendor in the Grainger Market selling “pizza by the slice” and that it was very, very good – so it would have been wrong to not check it out!

In the top end of the Grainger Market, aisle 4, (you might even miss it going past it), sits a small stand selling three or four flavours of pie, all by the slice. A fairly foreign concept to UK customers – here we are used to ordering the whole pie, but by the slice is typical of NY-style pizza, which this is not a world away from.

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