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I’ll always approach PR invites to ‘new menus’ at chain restaurants with some trepidation, but the times I do get a takeout from YO!¬†Sushi, I go back again and again to the the katsu¬†curry. 2 additional¬†katsu¬†dishes on the new menu drew me in to this one… so here’s those, and 5 other dishes from the updated YO! Sushi 2017 menu.

Bullet-Train Katsu Sando

Probably representing a shift from true sashimi and the kind of stuff¬†you might get in those 3* Tokyo restaurants towards more British-friendly flavours, putting katsu chicken in a sandwich sounds like something I would¬†do at home. While I’m not sure about the claimed¬†Tokyo-street-food origins…ūü§Ē…someone can prove me wrong on that one…it’s chicken katsu¬†in a sandwich, so of course it’s good. I’d probably return¬†to rice next time, but for the katsu fiend – worth a diversion.

¬£4.70 / Rating: ūüć£ūüć£ūüć£ūüć£

Fruity Beef Katsu

Oh katsu¬†again. This time the twist is beef, and though I wondered what cut they’d use to keep it tender, it turns out it’s made from minced beef. Which keeps it really super juicy, but it feels just that¬†little bit wrong. It’s still katsu(-ish), so I love it in its own way – just can’t shift that hint-of-Italian-meatball flavour. And I reckon a¬†better accompaniment¬†would be anything that isn’t white cabbage.


¬£4.30 / Rating: ūüć£ūüć£ūüć£ūüć£

Sweet & Sour Cod Nanbanzuke

One of the dishes that you could see hanging round on the menu – it’s fried cod, sweet and sour style. It’s a bit more sweet, less sour, but it’s still a satisfying¬†pile of nuggets.¬†While the smaller pieces don’t allow the cod taste to come through, the chunkier bits had a good balance of batter, meaty fish, and that lactic tang. Moreish, and we ate more pickled ginger than is probably healthy.


¬£4.70 / Rating: ūüć£ūüć£ūüć£ūüć£

Izakaya Pork Teriyaki

My favourite of the night – pork teriyaki is often bastardised, but this was obviously cooked for a long time, and uber¬†savoury.¬†Melt in your mouth layer of fat, and succulent sweet pork, it ticked all the boxes you want from a simple teriyaki. The egg, which could have been a lovely little side bonus, didn’t match up to the pork which was a shame.


¬£5.40 / Rating: ūüć£ūüć£ūüć£ūüć£ūüć£

Osaka-Style Squid

One salty thing too many on this one. Katsobushi, squid, mayo. Maybe it was the luck of being¬†the fourth deep-fried dish of the day, but it’s all very rich, and that’s coming from a die-hard salt lover. Annoying too, as the squid was done very¬†well, and you get loads of it. I’d give it another bash, but it’s be alongside some lighter dishes. I mean you come to Yo! to try and make a healthier choice after all, right?


¬£4.70 / Rating: ūüć£ūüć£ūüć£

Seared Beef & Pickle Roll

Almost forgetting that Yo Sushi was at one point more about the rolls and nigiri than deep-fried things.¬†But it’s virtually impossible to eat beef like this without it falling apart, the pickles didn’t deliver the acidic punch needed, and this could have been a sushi roll from anywhere really. Stick to the dragon, spider, or salmon skin rolls unless you really fancy that beef, which to be fair was nicely rare.


¬£4.70 / Rating: ūüć£ūüć£

Tokyo Banana Cake

It’s a banana cake with cream. A light(er) option at 145kcal, but it’s nothing to write home about other than a very soft, banana-flavoured sponge. Get another sushi dish instead, or….


¬£4.70 / Rating: ūüć£ūüć£

…one of these. Discounting the standard Asahi and Sapporo, Yo Sushi is the last place I’d expect to see a quality beer. Which made this¬†Hitachino Nest (¬£4.95) all the more worthy of a sup. White ale flavoured with coriander, orange and nutmeg, it’s a spot on¬†match for some of these dishes, blasting through the richer, fattier ones.


Shout out to the service too which was excellent, and though you’d expect that for a PR event like this, I usually find that’s the case here. What do you think of Yo! Sushi‘s new-ish Grainger Street branch?

Contact: yosushi.com

Food hygiene rating: 5/5

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